Monday, August 14, 2006

APHC Cruise 2006 - The Zaandam

Now that the trip is over we wish we had taken more photos aboard the beautiful Holland America Cruise Ship the Zaandam. It carries 1300 passengers with a crew of 700. We were treated like royalty and enjoyed every minute of it.

We enjoyed daily performances by Garrison Keillor and the cast of A Prairie Home Companion. There were shows every evening in the theatre and many smaller groups in the various lounges aboard.

Meals were elegantly served in the Rotterdam dining room.

On top

Garrison singing bass with the Hopeful Gospel Quartet.

We enjoyed a fine dinner in the Pinacle Grill with our friends Ed and Lois Minich from Tulsa


Sunday, August 13, 2006

APHC Cruise 2006 - Ketchikan, Alaska

We didn't spend much time in Ketchikan. The primary attraction seemed to be a variety of taverns. Horse Drawn Carriages were available but we didn't indulge. Sue took most of the photos.

APHC Cruise 2006 - Bird Nesting Grounds

We took an excursion boat to see the summer nesting grounds for migratory birds.



APHC Cruise 2006 - Sitka, capital of Russian Alaska

The history of Sitka goes back to the early 1800's when Russia laid claim to the vast Alaskan territory. The Russian Orthodox Church established a home there for its bishop. The Bishop's House has been restored and services are still held there weekly. The numerous gift shops sell a large number of Russian arts and crafts.

The Zaandam anchored off shore in deeper water and we were shuttled in to Sitka

Like Juneau, automobiles must be ferried into Sitka. There are more boats than cars.

The historic Russian Orthodox Bishop's house was the town hall and place of worship as well as the bishop's residence.

Susan Miller took all the interior photos.

Traditional Eskimo Totem Pole

APHC Cruise 2006 - Glacier Bay

On Monday we slowly toured Glacier Bay. In 1700 the entire area was filled with glacial ice and has been retreating ever since, most noticably in the last 10 years.

Notice the glaciers reflected in the window.

Approaching Sitka