Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Europe 2000, Day 8 - Musee La Louve

Day 8 - May 17, 2000. Starting at 10:00 AM i spent 6 hours walking through the Louve, the most incredible art museum I have ever seen. It is much too large to see in one day but I tried to walk through most the halls containing fine sculpture. The building itself is an incredible work of art.

The entrance is in a glass pyramid designed by Chinese American architect Pei. One descends into the building down an escalator.

Beneath the pyramid


The Venus de Milo

Silk Tapestry

Napoleon's Apartments

The three Graces

Boy riding a Tortoise

And there was more - ancient Egypt and Babylonia. Too much to comprehend.

As I emerged from the museum and walked across the plaza, children were running from a school. We had all had enough for one day.

Homeward bound